What does the PTA Do?

Have you ever wondered how we raise money and where that money goes? This graphic is a breakdown of everything that happened last school year. As you can see we received the majority of our income through the Fun Run, Fall Ball (Silent Auction), and Spirit Nights. These all look very different this year and may not even happen. However, a lot of our expenses will still be occurring regardless of what the year looks like. Our staff still gets reimbursed for supplies they buy, we fund staff grants and senior scholarships, insurance and licenses are still needed, experience week supplies are still occurring, and any other staff appreciation or Family Events that we can try and make happen. We know this year is different for everyone and we appreciate any support you can give the PTA to continue to help Silver Lake Elementary.

-Lindsey Evans, PTA President

¡ Las becas de la primavera para Maestros son Aprobadas!

Se ha preguntado como se distribuye el dinero que recauda el PTA? Proveer becas para los maestros es uno de los detalles importantes de nuestro presupuesto.  Los maestros entregan una petición para un otorgamiento a lo máximo de $500.  El jurado executivo del PTA vota tres veces por año (otoño, invierno, y primavera) con una meta de financiar tantos proyectos posibles para avanzar las experiencias educacionales de nuestras Estrellas Fugases, dentro de nuestro presupuesto asignado para becas.

Estamos contentos de anunciar que 5  Becas para Maestros fueron aprobadas el 6 de abril 2018.

Lisa Cunningham School Nurse Keep Our Kids in Class
Tori Howell School Office New Campus Shredder
Ellena Lee Music Music Go-Arounds
Marlee Walkup 1st Flexible Seating
Wendali Albarran/ Leonor Morales 1st Spanish Books

Winter Teacher Grants Approved

Do you ever wonder how the PTA money that is raised is actually put in to action? Funding Teacher Grants is just one of the many important line items in our budget. Teachers submit a grant request form with a maximum request for $500. The PTA Executive Board votes 3 times per year (Fall, Winter and Spring) with a goal of funding as many projects as possible that will further the educational experience for our Shooting Stars within our budget allotted for Grants.

We are pleased to announce the following 5 Teacher Grants were approved on January 12, 2018.

Heather Wood Pre-K Rug for Pre-K classroom
Sheri Thompson 4th Lion King Musical
Donna Morgan 5th Student Flexible seating
Danielle Jenkins 1st Happy Go Teach Conference
Cynnara Bivin PE 9 Square in the air