Free Shirt with Every Registration

Every student who registers on will receive a Free Silver Lake Shirt. You do not have to raise any money at all for the shirt, but we do have a lot of awesome prizes for money raised. A big thank you to this year’s sponsor who provided these FREE shirts for every student, SPC Construction & Roofing!…

School Identifier: 5f7e09c4bcaf5

Virtual Color Fun Run

What is a Virtual Color Fun Run?

Virtual refers to an activity that will NOT be in a large crowd. It can be done at home, at a park, or anywhere your student can move!

Color refers to the color packets (washable and safe) that are earned with donations that you sprinkle on your child for a fun reward.

Fun Run refers to your child staying active for 20 minutes. This can include running, walking, biking, jump roping, swinging, or any other way your child wants to stay active.

What does the PTA Do?

Have you ever wondered how we raise money and where that money goes? This graphic is a breakdown of everything that happened last school year. As you can see we received the majority of our income through the Fun Run, Fall Ball (Silent Auction), and Spirit Nights. These all look very different this year and may not even happen. However, a lot of our expenses will still be occurring regardless of what the year looks like. Our staff still gets reimbursed for supplies they buy, we fund staff grants and senior scholarships, insurance and licenses are still needed, experience week supplies are still occurring, and any other staff appreciation or Family Events that we can try and make happen. We know this year is different for everyone and we appreciate any support you can give the PTA to continue to help Silver Lake Elementary.

-Lindsey Evans, PTA President

Join Dad’s Club

Our Dad’s club creates the awesome Christmas parade float, does Breakfast with Santa, has get togethers, and so much more! If you want to be part of it, make sure you go to the informational meeting this Wednesday at Wise Guys. You can also support the Dad’s Club by eating at Wise Guys anytime between Monday and Wednesday this week.