We had so much fun showering our teachers and staff with love this week! We created a calendar for them so they would know what to expect each day.

Teacher Appreciation

On Monday Michael Nesta, parent of third and fourth graders, provided his special recipe pancakes (both plain and chocolate chip). According to Dr. Cole they were “the best chocolate chip pancakes in the universe!” Mr. Nesta, Mrs. Selig, and Mrs. Sporrer were in charge of flipping pancakes, Dr. Cole took care of the bacon, and Mrs. Bouchelle and Mrs. Garcia did a little bit of everything to help. It was a delicious way to start the week! To carry on the breakfast theme for the day, we held a raffle that afternoon for Lemon Pound Cake and Banana Walnut Bread. Nine people went home with breakfast for Tuesday!


On Tuesday we set up a popcorn bar in the lounge with Skinny Pop (both plain and white cheddar), kettle corn, and a caramel and cheddar mix. There were also M&M’s, because you can’t have popcorn without chocolate, right? According to Mrs. Patti, “I am a popcorn fanatic so I was over the moon 😃 happy. ” When you think of popcorn, you think of movies, so that afternoon we had a raffle for movie gift cards to AMC. Three people have a date with the movies this weekend!


Wednesday Rita’s Italian Ice of Southlake & Bedford treated the teachers to Italian ice. They could choose from Georgia Peach, Mango, S’Mores, or Wild Black Cherry. So refreshing! It was a nice way to end a steamy day in Texas! To continue with the theme for the day, we raffled off six gift sticks to Steel City Pops. Yum!


We had scheduled a sign from Card My Yard Colleyville to be displayed on Thursday, but on Wednesday we received a note from Amy from that she wanted to bless us with an extra half day with the sign, so it went up Wednesday afternoon!


On Thursday we provided a taco bar for lunch. Alicia Milan, one of our talented parents, catered part of the lunch. We had several other amazing parents who provided all the fixings for the tacos along with a multitude of delicious desserts. Uncle Julio’s of Grapevine donated rice, chips, queso, and salsa, and Chicken Express of Grapevine provided both sweet and unsweet tea free of charge. It was a hit and the teachers were able to eat for two days! Fuzzy’s of Grapevine donated four gift cards for Thursday’s raffle.


Friday we treated the teachers and staff to Sonic drinks. Every teacher loves Sonic! Who doesn’t? We also set up a photo booth and they took some fun pictures! The teacher & staff appreciation committee even jumped in and took a picture….so fun!



Throughout the week we also provided little treats in their boxes: flair pens (You’ve got flair), gum (We couldn’t “chews” a better staff), and leis (Wear your lei and ride the wave into the weekend). We had so much fun treating our teachers and staff this week!