First Round of PTA Grants

It is time to announce the recipients of our first round of PTA Grants for this school year. We had many grants to choose from and could only award those that fit within our budget and the PTA Executive Board voted on. We appreciate all the staff who took the time to apply for these grants and we are very thankful that fundraising allows us to fund as many as we can. The four winning grants are below!

Ms. Howell was awarded the grant “Operation School Camera.” She saw the need for a school camera to document all of the fun Experience Weeks, take pictures for the yearbook, and all the other picture worthy moments at school. Congratulations and Thank You Ms. Howell!

Mrs. Perkins was awarded the grant “Tempera Paint.” She applied for this grant so her students in her classes could have paints to help with their fine motor skills and creativity. Congratulations and Thank You Mrs. Perkins!

Coach Bivin wrote a grant on behalf of the school “Cleaner School.” She saw the need for more Electrostatic Sprayers to help sanitize the school more quickly and to allow more people access to these cleaning devices. We are very thankful that so many at the school will now be able to utilize this resource, Thank you so much Coach Bivin for applying for this grant!

Mrs. Shipley was awarded the grant “Document Camera.” She applied for this grant to help with the connectivity issues the internet sometimes poses so both in-person and remote students can easily see the the Smart Board in her classroom. Congratulations and Thank you Mrs. Shipley!

Free Shirt with Every Registration

Every student who registers on will receive a Free Silver Lake Shirt. You do not have to raise any money at all for the shirt, but we do have a lot of awesome prizes for money raised. A big thank you to this year’s sponsor who provided these FREE shirts for every student, SPC Construction & Roofing!…

School Identifier: 5f7e09c4bcaf5

Virtual Color Fun Run

What is a Virtual Color Fun Run?

Virtual refers to an activity that will NOT be in a large crowd. It can be done at home, at a park, or anywhere your student can move!

Color refers to the color packets (washable and safe) that are earned with donations that you sprinkle on your child for a fun reward.

Fun Run refers to your child staying active for 20 minutes. This can include running, walking, biking, jump roping, swinging, or any other way your child wants to stay active.